Thursday, 6 May 2010

Artist Residencies.

I have been looking into the possibility of applying for an artists residency for my next step towards a career in printmaking/ illustration. The most suitable I have found so far was for the East London Printmakers studio in hackney:

I may have to delay application till 2011 due to accomodation commitments in bournemouth but this should allow me time to develop a stronger portfolio and create work geared specifically for application to such a residency.

I would also at some point in the near future like to apply for a MA in printmaking, I feel that i still have a lot to learn in terms of organizing my thoughts, keeping effective sketchbooks and new practical techniques; but having learned from friends application experience as well as the experience of visiting lecturers it seems it is often advantageous to get a few years of practical experience outside of education before entering into an MA programme.

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