Thursday, 6 May 2010

Print Gocco

One of my main aims post graduation was firstly to think of a way to make my work realistically profitable and also to try and continue making prints. Having found it difficult to get access to print studios in the past and knowing how expensive it can be to book time in open studios I felt that it would be prudent to try and be as self sufficient as possible, at least to start off with. Although I can make woodcuts at home in a limited run using the tools I already have, I thought it would be worth looking into another home print solution which would offer a higher quality finished product as well as an option which saves time and labor. I was told about 'print Gocco' machines by a friend, and essentially they are compact self-contained screen printers which enable you to expose/ register/ and print all using the same unit. Having explored the various options offered by the company I chose to order one of these machines from e-bay and will have it in my possession by the 8th may. I also chose to source a quantity of self adhesive vinyl which hopefully i will be able to print on and hand out as promotional stickers at the free range exhibition.

I just read an article about a new Illustrator in the guardian - "...promoted himself by sending postcards of his work to various companies, received the commission from an art director for the Guardian Weekend magazine". Seeing as the size of my Gocco printer is B6 (the same as standard postcard) I would like to make and distribute some personalized printed postcards with my contact details.

One ambition I have for my website after graduation is to set up an online shop where I can sell my prints.

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