Sunday, 9 May 2010

EMP Work

I am overall pleased with my final outcome from the EMP unit, however, like with each one before it; it has undoubtedly been a learning experience and I am sure that if I were to undertake the same task again things would improve. Although I planned to make a book from the beginning I do regret not making something which would have a bigger Impact in a gallery setting, I would also have liked to use my remaining time to break comfortable habits with regards to format. Although I managed with a number of the prints and drawings to begin to incorporate a limited palate of colour ( The mostly tonal/ monochromatic nature of my work has been mentioned in criticism during tutorials) the compositions still remained fairly basic. Were I to tackle the problem again I would most likely work on a larger scale and size the images down for re-printing through art book printing companies like '' and others that have been used by other students on the course. Although there is definitely something to be said for the tactile quality of presenting originals in a handmade book, it also proved quite limiting in terms of what could be realistically included.

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