Sunday, 9 May 2010

Idea Generation

For negotiated practice I found it easier to create images from a text that I was unfamiliar with because when you work as you read you don't get so concerned about fitting everything in right up till the end. EMP was the first unit I had attempted to include images representing concepts throughout a text instead of just generating a cover design as well as working from a text I had already read once before. The techniques that I used were fairly similar to ones i had used throughout level 5, by skimming through the text and identifying already existing visual metaphors or translating passages of text that were of particular interest to me, sketching out compositionals and reworking before producing the final image. I think I would have found the whole project easier if I had kept better sketchbooks and better organized my developmental work and although I was better at managing my time for EMP I still feel that I need to be more realistic about how long individual tasks are going to take. One thing that I might try in future is to write lists of tasks for a day to break things down.

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