Sunday, 9 May 2010


I have been designing a layout for my website and have bought the web domain '' but haven't felt inclined to rush the process and put up something I won't be happy with. I have a logo/ hand generated type header for my website finished (see below) as well as a completed font design and roughs for the layout in adobe Illustrator. I want the website to reflect the hand drawn and influences from counter culture that are present in my work, and it is important that I maintain continuity with regards to a visual identity for my promotional materials. In the meantime I have put together a PDF document with 10 pieces of selected work to serve as a digital 'portfolio' until the website is up. I have included examples of figurative drawing, color, print, and hand generated type. As the bulk of my experience up until this point has been in publishing illustration I have chosen pieces that I think would most interest a publishing art director looking for a new freelancer, this i have based loosely upon the 5 images I had to select and submit in order to get an internship at David and Charles publishing house last summer. I will most likely have the website up and running in time for the free range exhibition.

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