Saturday, 8 May 2010


For the EMP unit my final piece was presented in book format, and I realize now how difficult it can be to present books effectively in a gallery space. I chose to explore the different ways that I have seen books displayed in the past and try to think of a solution which would be most suitable for our own exhibition. For the Illustration fundraiser that took place in the studio, the art books for auction were shown in table display cases with a glass top. This worked in a situation where there were many articles all complementing each other but is rather too big for my own purposes. The obvious choice would be to use shelving, but in my case to make a single book sized shelf. I have drawn a very basic working drawing of what I intend to make (shown below) I think perhaps that I will try to tie in the display case with the subject matter of the book by painting the spines of various books on the inside to make it appear as if a shelf from the bookshop in Keep The Aspidistra Flying. The front will have a sheet of perspex that slides in and out through grooves in the top and bottom of the case.

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